How are tonsil infections treated?

There is no specific treatment for virus infections in the tonsils. No antibiotics are required. If there is concomitant nasal congestion, sore throat, fever or cough, treatment is performed accordingly. If beta infection has developed in the tonsils, penicillin group antibiotics must be used for 10 days. If there is a penicillin allergy, alternative antibiotics can be used. In the treatment, antibiotics can be taken orally or can be used in the form of intravenous or hip injection. The treatment must be completed within 10 days. Otherwise, recurrence of beta infection may occur in a short time. Depot penicillin injections applied from the hip can be used in the treatment and prevention of beta infections. The injection is painful and provides relief for 3 - 4 weeks.

What is recurrent tonsillitis?

In the presence of more than three tonsil infections in a year, "recurrent tonsil infection" is mentioned.

American Ear Nose and Throat Academy has defined having 3 or more tonsil infections in a year despite adequate medical treatment as recurrent tonsil infection and reported that removal of tonsils would be the appropriate method in treatment.

What is chronic tonsillitis?

Chronic sore throat, bad breath, white secretion accumulation on the tonsils and the presence of large lymph nodes under the chin are symptoms of chronic tonsillitis. In the treatment of this picture, it is recommended to take the tonsils.

What is beta microbe carrier?

If there is beta positivity in the throat culture without clinical signs of disease, this condition is called beta carriage. In these people, the beta microbe in the throat does not cause disease and the person is not contagious. The carriage rate can increase to 20% in school children. Carriers are also not at risk of acute rheumatic fever and acute glomerulonephritis. It is not recommended to take tonsils in carriers.
What is throat culture?

In order to understand whether the agent is beta microbe in throat infections, it is called throat culture to take a swab from the tonsils with a cotton swab and sow it into the medium. The following information about the throat culture is important.

1. Throat culture results in 48-72 hours.

2. Accuracy rate of throat culture is 95%.

3. Insufficient material intake affects the result.

4. Sending the culture late affects the result.

5. While the cultures taken from the surface are negative, sometimes the cultures taken from the deep parts of the tonsils can be positive.