Kidney pain
Causes of kidney pain, kidney pain can be with illness or various sudden trauma. The pain that hits every back is not kidney pain.

Causes of kidney pain are usually due to the following diseases.

• Cystitis, ie infections in the bladder

General kidney infections

Kidney cancer

Pregnancy, ie pregnancy

• End stage of kidney disease

Kidney laceration

• Kidney stone

Urinary tract infections

Kidney enlargement medical name hydronephrosis

• Exposure to kidney-damaging drugs or toxins

People who feel kidney pain should definitely get support from a specialist. It is not possible to treat kidney pain without treating it alone or without diagnosing the underlying problem that causes kidney pain. If you have severe kidney pain, be sure to consult a specialist.
What are the symptoms of kidney pain?
Kidney pain usually hits the back, but this does not necessarily mean that every back pain is kidney pain. Kidney pain is a pain felt just below the rib, and this pain is felt deeper than a normal back pain. The pain is very symptomatic and this pain can affect the groin and abdomen.
Symptoms of kidney pain can usually manifest with the following symptoms:

• Blood in the urine

Stomach problems and vomiting

Bowel problems (constipation, diarrhea)

• Weakness and fatigue

• High fever

Sharp odor in the mouth

A metallic taste that is generally perceived in the mouth taste

Swelling in certain areas of the body and body

Shortness of breath

• Weakness and related dizziness

Kidney pain hurts due to some underlying cause. The resulting pain can sometimes occur on both sides of the back area at regular intervals. If kidney damage is caused by traumatic causes, pain affects both areas of the back. Severe kidney pain can cause an increase in blood pressure, pulse and subsequent shock.
Kidney pains can be sharp, acute or constant. Pain in itself is divided into different categories. This type of pain is usually caused by kidney stones or other problems. Because kidney stones obstruct the tube that drains the kidney.

What Is Good For Kidney Pain?

After determining the cause of kidney pain, it should be treated by a specialist doctor at the point of need for medical treatment. There is no treatment you can apply at home, other than the treatment applied by a specialist doctor. Drinking plenty of water can be helpful at this point and it is necessary to be careful not to get cold.