Severe pain in the lower right side of the stomach may be a harbinger of an appendicitis eruption. So why does appendicitis burst? We have investigated for you those who are curious about appendicitis, which can cause serious health problems after bursting. You can find everything about appendicitis in the detail of the news.

The appendix is a thin organ attached to the large intestine on the right side of the abdomen. Appendicitis is called the explosion state after inflammation and swelling in this organ. In science, the role of this organ in the body is not fully known. However, according to some experts; The appendix is an organ that helps the digestive and immune systems. Although it is not known exactly what its duty is, it has been observed that no health problems occur when this organ is removed from the body. However, the infection and swelling of the appendix organ causes serious health problems.
Why does the appendix burst?

Fruit seeds, harmful parasites and fecal waste are not removed from the body,

Swelling of the lymph tissue in the appendix wall as a result of the infection of the digestive system,

Situations such as inflammatory bowel diseases and a severe blow to the abdominal region cause the appendix organ to burst.

How to Recognize Appendix Pain?

A feeling of swelling and pain when touched in the lower right abdomen

Situations such as difficulty walking, standing or sitting

Pain when lying down

Experiencing conditions such as nausea is a sign that the appendicitis is swollen.


Gas extraction during defecation, difficulty in normal gas extraction
Fever due to sudden change in body temperature

Pain when urinating

Swelling and pain in the abdominal area

Increased urge to vomit despite loss of appetite

Stomach acid getting into the esophagus

Pale skin color

Pain in the large intestine

It is useful to consult a specialist before symptoms increase. Otherwise, the inflammatory fluid from appendicitis can damage the internal organs of the body. & Nbsp; Since appendicitis is not a stalk problem that can be treated at home, it is recommended not to perform any application other than expert control.

The doctor will take a blood and urine test. Swelling of the appendicitis is checked with ultrasound. Surgical intervention is performed on the organ at the point of explosion. After the operation, the person regains his old health in two to three days. Removing appendicitis does not pose a health problem. If the appendix bursts, the venom contained in it can damage other organs in the body. Generally, eruption of appendicitis in the elderly and children results in 50 percent death.