What are the Symptoms of Appendicitis?

The Most Common Appendicitis Symptoms:

• Any discomfort in appendicitis first manifests itself with a mild pain in the abdomen close to the belly button. When the discomfort continues, the pain is felt more intensely in the lower right part of the abdomen and may turn into a tightness or stiffness in that area.

• In addition to pain, it may cause digestive system disorders such as anorexia, weakness, nausea, gas problem, diarrhea or constipation in the following hours or days. However, the most prominent feature of appendicitis is pain. Other symptoms may not be seen in all patients.

• Not all pain in the abdominal area is caused by appendicitis. There are some details to make this certain. For example; Continuous and intense pain and stiffness in the lower right abdomen, an increasing pain as you try to move.

• If the pain does not change within 12 or 24 hours from the beginning of the pain, it becomes more and more acute, birth and painful, the hospital should be visited. As a result of the controls, the source of pain will be determined and clear information about the treatment method will be given.

After Appendicitis Surgery and Appendicitis Surgery:

• At the point where appendicitis pain becomes intense and continuous, the definitive solution is surgery. If appendicitis bursts and action is not taken, it can cause inflammation of the peritoneum. For this reason, when any pain is felt in the appendicitis area, it is vital to identify the source of pain and to treat it. Appendicitis surgery, which results in the removal of appendicitis, takes about 30 to 45 minutes unless there is a specific condition, and there is a 1-day hospitalization period. You can eat about 4 or 6 hours after the operation, and take a bath 3 days later. If self-dissolving stitches are used in the surgery, no process or procedure is required to remove the stitches. After appendicitis surgery, there is no functional disorder in the body due to the loss of appendicitis, and there is no need for long-term controls.