What Is Good For Appendicitis Pain?

It is important to know what the causes and treatment of appendicitis pain are. Appendicitis is a condition caused by inflammation of the appendix organ, also known as the bowel. Most of the microorganisms living in the intestines are found in the appendix. This organ is usually highly resistant to microbes. However, in some cases, these microbes become bad and multiply. This causes inflammation, namely appendicitis.

This inflammation can be cited as the cause of appendicitis pain. Increasing microbes and inflammation causes the pressure of the appendix to increase. This is an event that spoils the appendix. The last stage of this is the explosion of the appendix. However, these are not the only causes of pain in the appendix. Other reasons that can be shown are:
• Digestive system inflammations,

Ulcer disease,


• Obstruction of the appendix.

Appendicitis Symptoms

The answer to the question of where appendicitis pain is felt is the right abdomen. Abdominal pains are the most prominent features of appendicitis. Pain may be experienced in this area as if a knife was sticking, and this pain spreads to the entire abdomen. Some of the other symptoms are as follows:

• Lack of appetite,

• Vomiting with nausea,

• Fever,

• The acceleration of the heartbeat.

How to Understand Appendicitis Pain?

The first question that many people with severe abdominal pain comes to mind is whether they have appendicitis pain. There are some answers to the question of how to understand the pain of appendicitis. For example, if pressing lightly on the abdomen causes unbearable pain on the right side, it is a must to see a doctor. In addition to the pain in the abdomen, the swelling and hard shape of the abdomen may also be a sign of appendicitis.
Another thing that people who suspect appendicitis should do is stand up and try to walk. If the person has difficulty walking and is in severe pain, this pain is probably caused by inflammation of the appendix. Anyone who cannot understand the cause of the pain should consult a doctor if the pain is getting worse.

What is Appendicitis Treatment?

In some cases, surgery is required to treat appendicitis. Surgery is essential, especially if the appendix bursts. Generally, the method used to treat appendicitis pain is surgery. An advanced appendicitis cannot be treated with medications. Therefore, surgery should be performed. However, when doctors examine, they may decide that some patients do not need surgery. For this, antibiotic treatment is applied. If these antibiotics reduce the inflammation, patients will get rid of this health problem without the need for surgery. However, if antibiotics do not work, surgical intervention should be performed.
Natural Appendicitis Treatments

If a person feels severe pain and suspects appendicitis, they should definitely see a doctor. As a result of the doctor's examination, people who do not require surgery can try some methods at home to relieve their pain. One of them is mint. Mint is mostly used for vomiting and nausea. However, peppermint also has pain relieving properties. Mint can be consumed by making tea. This tea, which is prepared by adding 1 tablespoon of mint to a glass of hot water, can also be drunk by adding honey to it.

Another recommended thing is ginger. Ginger, which has a lot of benefits in terms of health, helps to pass the pain and vomiting caused by appendicitis. Ginger, which can be consumed by making tea like mint, will calm the person and relieve the pain. In addition, applying ginger oil to the painful area is one of the effective ways. Among the foods that are good for appendicitis pain are garlic. Garlic is actually a food that is good for all inflammations. It will be very beneficial for health if the garlic, which has a pain relieving feature, is swallowed as small pieces as a pill.