Inspectionscheck-upsGastroenterology Examination Special For Men
Gynecology and Obstetrics Examination Special for WomenLaboratory TestsHemogram: Anemia, Blood Diseases and Examination of Blood Cells
Creatinine: Kidney Function TestSedimentation: Diagnosis and Treatment of Infection and Inflammatory DiseasesALT: Diagnosis and Monitoring of Liver Functions
AST: Diagnosis and Monitoring of Liver FunctionsAnti TG / Thyroglobulin: Diagnosis of Thyroid Gland DiseasesAlbumin: Plasma Protein Test Produced by the Liver
Total PSA: Special for Men in the Diagnosis and Follow-up of Prostate DiseasesFree PSA: Used in the diagnosis and follow-up of prostate diseases Special for menTotal Protein: Measures the Total Amount of Albumin in Circulation and Proteins Called Globulin
CEA: General Cancer Screening and DiagnosisCA 19-9: In Diagnosis and Treatment Follow-up of All Gastrointestinal System CancersCA 125: in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Ovarian Cancer (special for women)
CA 15-3: in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Breast Cancer (special for women)Complete Urine Examination: Diagnosis of Kidneys, Urinary Tract and Bladder Diseasesocculet blood in feces : definition of diseases with bleeding from stomach and intestines
Radiological examinationChest X-ray: One-Way Lung FilmThyroid Ultrasound: Visualization of the thyroid (goiter) gland
Whole Abdominal Ultrasound: Imaging of all abdominal organs with ultrasoundLung Tomography: Visualization of the Chest Cage by TomographyBilateral Breast Ultrasound or Mammography: Visualization of diseases within both breasts. Special for Women
Bone Density Measurement: Bone metabolism and diagnosis and follow-up of some hormonal diseases Special for WomenCardiological TestsElectrocardiography: Diagnosis of heart diseases and rhythm disorders
Echocardiography: Examination of the work of the heart muscle and the neural conduction system.Efor Treadmill: Diagnosis of heart diseasesPathological Examinations
Smear: Diagnosis of Cervical Cancer Special for Women