İnspectionsCardiology ExaminationEar Nose Throat Examination
Eye Diseases ExaminationOral and Dental Health ExaminationLaboratory Tests
Hemogram: Anemia, examination of blood diseases and blood cellsFasting Blood Sugar: Diagnosis of DiabetesIron: Diagnosis of Blood and Iron Metabolic Diseases
Iron Binding Capacity: Diagnosis of blood and iron metabolism diseasesFerritin: diagnosis of blood and iron metabolism diseasesVitamin B12: Diagnosis of anemia and some nervous system disorders
ALT: Liver function testAST:Liver function testFT4: Diagnosis of thyroid / goiter diseases
TSH: diagnosis and follow-up of thyroid diseases and functionsCreatinine: Kidney Function TestTotal Cholesterol: Measurement of body fat ratio
Triglyceride: measurement of cholesterolAnti-HBS: Detection of immune status against Hepatitis BComplete Urine Examination: Diagnosis of Kidneys, Urinary Tract and Bladder Diseases
Occult Blood in feces: Diagnosis and Follow-up of Bleeding Diseases Arising from Stomach and Intestines