İnspectionscheck-up testNeurological Examination
Dietitian ExaminationCardiology ExaminationEye Diseases Examination
Urology Examination Special For MenGynecology and Obstetrics Examination Special for WomenEar Nose Throat Examination
Oral and Dental Health ExaminationLaboratory TestsHemogram: Anemia, examination of blood diseases and blood cells
Hemogram: Anemia, examination of blood diseases and blood cellsFasting Blood Sugar: Diagnosis of DiabetesFasting Insulin: Insulin Hormone Level Measurement
HBA1c: Diagnosis and follow-up of diabetesALT: Liver function testAST:Liver function test
ALP: Diagnosis and follow-up of liver and bone diseasesGGT: liver functionAnti-HCV: Detection of Immune Status Against Hepatitis C
Anti-HIV: Diagnosis and Follow-up of AIDS DiseaseAnti-HBS: Detection of immune status against Hepatitis BHBS AG: Detection of Hepatitis - B Disease and Its Carrier
CRP: infection diseases diagnosisCreatinine: Kidney Function TestASO:Streptococcal infection diagnosis and follow-up
RF (Rheumatoid Factor): Diagnosis and follow-up of rheumatoid arthritis diseaseSedimentation: Diagnosis and treatment of infectious and inflammatory diseasesTSH: diagnosis and follow-up of thyroid diseases and functions
FT4: Diagnosis of thyroid / goiter diseasesBUN / UREA: Kidney function testOccult Blood in feces: Diagnosis and Follow-up of Bleeding Diseases Arising from Stomach and Intestines
Free PSA: Used in the diagnosis and follow-up of prostate diseases Special for menTotal PSA: Special for Men in the Diagnosis and Follow-up of Prostate DiseasesTestosterone: Testosterone hormone measurement Special for Men
Prolactin: Prolactin hormone measurement Special for WomenHDL Cholesterol: Benign CholesterolLDL Cholesterol: Malignant Cholesterol
Triglyceride: measurement of cholesterolCalcium: In the diagnosis and follow-up of bone and calcium metabolismComplete Urine Examination: Diagnosis of Kidneys, Urinary Tract and Bladder Diseases
Total Cholesterol: Measurement of body fat ratioHDL Cholesterol: Benign CholesterolLDL Cholesterol: Malignant Cholesterol
Triglyceride: measurement of cholesterolHomocysteine: Detection of disease trends in stroke, stroke and atherosclerosisLipoprotein A: Detection of Stroke, Stroke and Vascular Occlusion Disease Trends
Uric Acid: Protein metabolism and diagnosis of goutVitamin B12: Diagnosis of anemia and some nervous system disordersCEA: General cancer screening and diagnosis Specific for Men
CA 19-9: In Diagnosis and Treatment Follow-up of All Gastrointestinal System CancersCA 125: in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Ovarian Cancer (special for women)CA 15-3: in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Breast Cancer (special for women)
Iron: Diagnosis of Blood and Iron Metabolic DiseasesIron Binding Capacity: Diagnosis of blood and iron metabolism diseasesFerritin: diagnosis of blood and iron metabolism diseases
25-OH Vit D3: Diagnosis and follow-up of vitamin D diseasesFolic Acid: Diagnosis of Anemia and Some Metabolic DiseasesSodium: Evaluation of Electrolyte and Water balance
Potassium: In monitoring kidney function by evaluating electrolyte and acid-base balanceChlorine: Evaluation of electrolyte balance and acid-base and water metabolismLDH: Detection of lung, lymphoma, anemia and liver diseases
Radiological testsThyroid Ultrasound: Visualization of the thyroid (goiter) glandCarotid Doppler Ultrasound: Diagnosis of vascular problems
Lung Tomography: Visualization of the Chest Cage by TomographyBone Density Measurement: Bone metabolism and diagnosis and follow-up of some hormonal diseases. Special for WomenBilateral Breast Ultrasound or Mammography: Visualization of diseases within both breasts. Special for Women
Uroflometry: Detection of urinary tract diseases Special for MenOdiometry: Detection of hearing-ear diseasesBrain MR: Evaluation of intracranial anatomical structures
Whole Abdominal MR: Imaging of all intraabdominal organsPanoramic X-ray: Visualization of all teeth, jaws, teeth and many problems in the jaws in a single filmCardiological Tests
Electrocardiography: Diagnosis of heart diseases and rhythm disordersEchocardiography: Examination of the work of the heart muscle and the neural conduction system.special for menEfort Treadmill: Diagnosis of heart diseases
Pathological ExaminationsSmear: Diagnosis of Cervical Cancer Special for Women