Varicocele is the varicosis of the veins that drain the blood in the testicles, which is encountered in about 30-40% of those who apply to a doctor with infertility problem. Varicocele is the clinical name given to the varicose-style enlargement of the testicular veins in the legs. Testicular temperature deterioration, toxic substances in contaminated blood accumulate in the testicle and impair testicular blood flow, affecting testicular functions and disrupting sperm and testosterone production.


After the diagnosis of varicocele, it should be checked whether there is a difference between testicular sizes and the consistency of the testicle. Performing semen analysis, in which sperm parameters are evaluated, is decisive in the treatment. If there is no problem in the sperm parameters of the patient, it is controversial whether to be operated on or not.

It may impair sperm parameters to such patients;

Eating habits

Smoking and alcohol use

Exposure to toxic substances

Antioxidant drugs and nutritional methods can be recommended to improve the sperm parameters and the environment where the sperm is located. After the diagnosis, the question arises which varicocele patients will be operated or not. It is not the right approach to decide on surgery by looking at the varicocele grade, in other words, the grade value. In some cases, even a Grade 1 varicocele may be operated on, while in some cases, surgery for Grade 3 (Grade 3) varicocele may not be darkened. Surgery darkens, it is a situation that varies according to the patient.

Supportive treatments can be recommended for patients who are diagnosed with varicocele but do not have infertility problems or who have borderline deterioration in sperm parameters. Antioxidant agents can be given to patients who have not experienced very severe sperm loss, sperm motility is not completely lost, and sperm deformity is minimal. However, surgery may be recommended for patients who have been diagnosed with varicocele and who experience impaired sperm parameters and infertility. Exercise, diet and lifestyle changes do not provide any benefit in relieving discomfort in such patients.


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