Private A Life Ankara Hospital, which was founded with the aim of becoming one of the most comprehensive health facilities in the region in 2006, It was built with 5 operating rooms, 3rd Stage 4 intensive care unit, 2nd Stage emergency service, a seven floors hospital with a 141 bed capacity.  In 2013,It started to provide health services by obtaining its license from the Turkish Ministry of Health. 

 Our hospital, whose priority is to provide human health and quality service, has adopted the principle of "Healthy Life For A Healthy Future" with its expert staff and modern technological infrastructure.  In health services;  Observing equality, justice and fairness, A Life Hospital signed a contract with the Social Insurance Institution (SGK) in line with this principle.

 In 2013, we set out with 141 bed capacity, 251 staff, 32 physician staff and 14 branches, and by opening the second hospital in 2021, we are taking firm steps forward in nearly 30 branches with a 216 bed capacity, 557 staff, 94 physician staff.

 Our hospital meets the needs of its patients by using all the possibilities of advanced medical technology.  Our hospital, which increases its service range and quality day by day, continues to provide health services with its newly opened branches in the international arena by obtaining the "INTERNATIONAL HEALTH TOURISM AUTHORIZATION CERTIFICATE" in order to be the pioneer of innovations in the health sector and to take the standards one step further.

 It continues to work without compromising the ethical working principles and service quality with its specialist physicians, qualified and friendly health personnel, experienced management staff.