Turkey, is one of the leading countries in given the importance of health and transport facilities with hair transplantation procedures.

 Hair transplantation is the most effective hair reproduction method used to permanently eliminate the condition of baldness caused by genetic or physiological reasons.

 In Turkey, new methods are implemented by specialist doctors and clinics.  The newest technique is known as the Fue Technique.

 What is Hair Transplant with FUE Technique?

 FUE (follicular unit extraction) describes the way the hair follicle is extracted.  The hair root is taken one by one.  The Fue technique was applied for the first time in 2003 and its use has become increasingly widespread.

 In the Fue method, the hair that will be transplanted to the balding parts on the forehead and top is taken from the neck.  The Fue method is more comfortable than other methods and gives faster results.

 There are more than one follicle in a single hair follicle.  In the Fue technique, several implantable hair strands are obtained from a hair root with the help of a cylindrical needle that extracts the hair from the root together with the follicle cells.  Thus, there is no hair reduction at the nape of the neck.  Since the hair transplantation process is done according to the direction of the hair in the hair transplantation area, naturalness is preserved.  In hair transplantation on the forehead, attention should be paid to the line of the hair.

 A professional transplantation is required for each hair strand to grow by attaching to the skin.

 Why is the hair on the nape root preferred in the Fue Technique?

 The reason for using the hair at the nape of the neck in the FUE technique is that the hair follicles here are coded not to fall out.

  In other words, chemicals that cause hair loss cannot affect the hair follicles in the neck.  These hair follicles, which have the ability to protect their vitality potential;  It is used in hair, eyebrow, eyelash and beard transplantation.

 How is the FUE Technique Applied?

 The application of the Fue technique is simple and comfortable.  The follicles taken from the hair root with a cylinder-shaped needle are placed one by one into the root pores in the skin on the balding part.  The placement process is done towards the direction of the hair growth, thus ensuring the natural appearance of the hair after it grows out.  Painful problems such as rotation do not occur in hair that grows in the direction of combing.

 How to Provide Natural Hair Contour in the Fue Technique?

 The most important thing to pay attention to in the Fue technique is the adjustment of the front line of the hair.

 The fact that this line, which can be specially designed for the person, has the most natural appearance is directly related to the professionalism of the transplant.

 A natural hair appearance is obtained with a curved contour of the front line.

 Is the Healing Process Long in the Fue Technique?

 With the FUE technique, the recovery period in hair transplantation is not long.  After the hair transplant, the healing process is shortened even more with the use of solutions and enhancers recommended by the specialist.  It is possible to fill the areas that cannot be adhered to with additional sessions.

 How can I find out about hair transplant prices?

 Hair transplant prices with FUE technique;  hair loss condition of the person, the technique to be used for the person and the condition of the equipment and materials to be used in transplantation.

 If you send your photos taken from different angles using the application form on our site, we enable our hair transplant specialists to make a price evaluation for you as soon as possible.