Implant treatment, one of the most important applications of dentistry, can be used for many purposes.  In this technique, new teeth are placed in the gaps on the jaw bone with the screwing technique to replace the lost teeth.  Placed teeth can be examined in many different groups according to their quality characteristics. 

 Orthodontic Treatment

 Tooth deformity, which is one of the biggest problems of people since childhood, negatively affects self-confidence and sometimes causes chewing and eating disorders.

 In the elimination of dental distortions, the orthodontic treatment method known as braces and implant treatment can be preferred as a combined aesthetic solution.  During the removal of the deformity, new teeth are placed in the empty parts of the jaw bone due to tooth extraction and tooth slippage with the implant technique.

 Diastema Shutdown

 Diastema is often a congenital dental aesthetic problem.  Due to the large lower or upper jaw bones of the person, the teeth may be lined up sparsely on the jawbone.

 In addition, congenital deficiency of the teeth on the sides of the two front teeth is also possible and is called lateral.  In this case, these gaps are professionally closed with implant treatment.

 An Alternative Treatment Method for Dental Prostheses

 Implant treatment in dentistry can also be preferred as an alternative to dental prostheses.  It is possible to apply implant teeth to the entire tooth bone or to large spaces above the jawbone.  Tooth fixation on the jawbone does not have to be applied to small gaps.

 What are the Advantages of Implant Dental Treatment?

  In the dental prosthesis method, hygiene and gum problems can occur due to the portable use of prostheses.  However, there are no such problems in implant dental treatment.  Implants do not cause speech and eating problems because they are subjected to thinner shaping than prostheses.  You can use it like your own teeth.

  The process of getting used to implant teeth is much shorter.  Creating the most natural appearance is one of the most important advantages of implant treatment.  According to the use of materials that can fully absorb light in the design of the enamel part, it is much easier to achieve a real tooth appearance in implant teeth.

  Does the implant cause a reaction in the tooth body?

  Screws are used to place implant teeth on the jawbone.  Screws made of zirconium material do not react with gums and bones.  For this reason, the body does not react to the screws.

  Implant Dental Treatment Sessions

  In implant tooth application, the treatment is in several stages.  After the screws have been inserted, the protective threads are placed on the screws.

  In order for the tooth sizes to be compatible with your mouth structure, trials are made in certain periods and the most accurate tooth molds are reached.  Then, the protectors are removed and the real implant teeth are placed on the screws in the jawbone, and the treatment process is completed.