Why Register treatment in Turkey?

 It is controlled by a central government health care system by the Ministry of Health in Turkey.  In 2003, the government introduced a comprehensive health reform program aimed at increasing the proportion of the budget allocated to health care and keeping a large portion of the population healthy.  Turkey Statistical Institute, explained that the scope of health services in 2012 spent 76.3 billion TL;  79.6% of the service costs were covered by the Social Insurance Institution, while the remaining 15.4% were paid directly by the patients.  There are 30 116 medical institutions in Turkey according to 2013 figures and average 573 patients per doctor is reduced.  In addition, the number of beds per 1000 people is 2.64.

 Why Turkey ?

 The most important advantage of medical tourism, health tourism Turkey entire roof structure will coordinate the work of established and state policy is to be improved.

 Having a national airline like THY that provides access from the most flight points in the world

 The fact that most of our health institutions have reached a level that can compete with the West in terms of technological infrastructure and is the regional leader in the infrastructure of Training and Research Hospitals.

 Turkey is the 2nd country in the world in terms of number of JCI accredited hospitals. 

 Its important advantage in medical tourism is that it has a large number of health-themed thermal resources and the number of available thermal resources is in the first place in Europe.

 The presence of a positive image in some countries about Turkey.

 The suitable climate of our country spread over 4 seasons

 Anatolia is the center of historical and touristic civilizations.

 It is within a 3-hour flight distance that can appeal to a population of nearly a billion around our country

 It has the potential to be a serious labor with its young population of Turkey.

 Existence of highly specialized human resources, especially in medical staff

 advanced to be cheaper compared to other countries the health services in Turkey